Maitara and Ternate

Maitara and Ternate Island from top of Mt. Kiematubo, Tidore

The archipelago of Indonesia consists of more than 13,000 islands, spread over from the west to the east. Most of the volcanoes still active. This photo taken from peak of Mountain Kiematubo in Tidore Island, Northern Maluku. We climbed this mountain at January 2007 as part of our trip in western coast of Halmahera. The big island is Ternate and the smaller one is Maitara.

These islands are part of North Maluku volcanic arc, the volcano forms the island itself, amazing. Mt. Gamalama for Ternate, Mt. Kiematubo for Tidore, and etc. 4 volcanoes called as Kieraha, the four mountain. The other two are Mt. Moti and Mt. Makian. These volcanoes also represent 4 big kingdom in this area : Ternate, Tidore, Jailolo and Bacan.

According to Volcanoe Discovery, Gamalama (peak of Ternate) is a near-perfect conical stratovolcano that forms the entire island of Ternate. The island itself was a major regional center in the Portuguese and Dutch spice trade for several centuries. It is one of Indonesia’s most active volcano and at the time we were not permitted to climb this mountain due to the volcano activity.

Then Tidore is a volcanic complex forms a concision of 2 volcanoes, the beautiful and conical Kiematabo peak (1730 m asl ) in the south and the lower, broad volcano of Sabale volcano in north, containing a caldera and two cinder cones. Kiematabo peak is the highest volcano of the North Maluku island chain.


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