Weekly Photo Challenge : Foreshadow

As English is not my mother tongue, I have to find out the meaning of the weekly photo challenge for this week : FORESHADOW. A new word for me.

According to Thesaurus, the word origin was from fore + shadow; the notion is of a shadow thrown before an advancing material object as an image of something suggestive of what is to come. Understood, foreshadow is a hint, a signal.

Then I immediately think about the old photos from 2006. These photos taken by my husband when we were working as a volunteer during the large Merapi volcano eruption occured in May 2006. This eruption was shortly before the Yogyakarta earthquake on 27 May, a 6.3 magnitude earthquake struck roughly 50 km southwest of Merapi. Killing at least 5,000 people and leaving at least 200,000 people homeless in this region.

Merapi is located in the north of Yogyakarta city. This is the Indonesia’s most active volcano. Volcano Discovery said that this mountain is a steep stratovolcano, erupts on average every 5-10 years and is feared for its deadly pyroclastic flows – avalanches of hot rocks and gas thate are generated when parts of new lava domes during eruptions in the summit crater collapse and slide down the mountain’s steep flanks.  The pyroclastic flows are known locally as “wedhus gembel” (Javanese for “shaggy goat”).

Wedhus Gembel ~ pyroclastic flow from Merapi Volcano

Wedhus Gembel ~ pyroclastic flow from Merapi Volcano

run and try to survive

run and try to survive

Merapi is very important for Javanese people especially for Yogyakarta Sultanate. It was believe that there is a sacred north-south axis line between Merapi Peak and Indian Ocean. Merapi peak in the north, Monument Tugu near Yogyakarta main train station, then the axis runs along Malioboro street to Northern Alun-Alun across the sultan palace, all the way to Bantul and finally reach Samas and Parangkusumo beach on the estuary of Opak river and Southern Ocean (Wikipedia).

The axis is a symbol of connection between the hyangs or spirits of mountain (often identified as Mbah Petruk), The Sultan of Yogayakarta as the leader of the Javanese kingdom and Nyi Roro Kidul as the queen of the Indian Ocean.

A great history about Merapi and for sure this is one of my favorite mountain as one of my favorite book is about this mountain : Manusia Jawa dan Gunung Merapi (Javanese People and Merapi), a great book written by Lucas Sasongko Triyoga. A must read book about Merapi.

Merapi is also very important for our family, since the story begun in May 2006 when were met again in Yogyakarta after several years 😉

This is my response to The Daily Post Weekly Photo Challenge : Foreshadow


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