Travel Theme : Wild

What is your wildest dreams in your life ? Mine might be related with nature and living in small village, out from the traffic and work from 7 to 5 everyday. Not for now, but will try to make it happen someday.

Like people here in Nagara, a small town (village) in Hulu Sungai Selatan Regency, South Borneo, Indonesia. A wetland, a place where the local people work as a fisherman, catch fish in traditional way using jukung, a small wooden boat.

daily life in Nagara

daily life in Nagara

Simple life isn’t it ? Do not expect the life jacket or backup machine, row your jukung with the wooden paddle. Enjoying life from sunrise till sunset.

morning glory

morning glory

And as Iron Maiden said : And I just feel I can be anything, that I might ever wish to be, and find myself just where I wanna be, make my wildest dreams come true.

This is the entry for Travel Theme : Wild


3 thoughts on “Travel Theme : Wild

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  2. This is a lovely post for the challenge, though for me not wild enough. Your offering is ringing bells everywhere in my head and heart. I yearn for the simplicity of routine tasks undertaken of necessity in an unspoiled setting. Routines alter with time and the seasons, there’s never a dull moment with nature as companion. Take me away…

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