Answer now : Postcards Giveaway from Vietnam

We have 10 postcards bought in Vietnam last week. One of the wonderful postcards can be yours.

Simply by answer one of the question below and i will send it to you directly from Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia hehe.

Enjoy 🙂

1. What is the name of Vietnam’s highest mountain ?
2. Which one larger in term of geographical area : Italy or Vietnam ?
3. What is the most popular family name in Vietnam ?
4. Where is the capital city of Vietnam ?
5. Vietnam has the world’s longest cable car, in which city we can found the cable car ?
6. If Indonesian wearing kebaya and batik, what would Vietnamese use as a national costume ?
7. In Vietnam, we will easily find a fresh baguette and a variety of cheese. Do you know why ?
8. Why the rice wine in Vietnam called as a Ruou Ran or Snake Wine ?
9. Iced sugar cane juice is one of our Vietnamese guilty pleasure, it’s cold, sweet and the mixture with lime juice will quenches your thirst like nothing else ! Can you guess how much the price for 1 glass of sugar cane juice in Vietnam ?
10. Yes or No question : Rambo is a real name.

Update – May 9, 2014

Kuswointan had answer all the questions. You are so great dear. I will give you a bonus then, but InshaAllah will send the gift next month when I return to Jakarta.

I still have 9 postcards left, so perhaps the questions are no longer relevant haha. So simply write your favorite destination in Vietnam, and tell me why. Perhaps it can be our next destination.



15 thoughts on “Answer now : Postcards Giveaway from Vietnam

  1. Hallo, I would like to answer your questions and here my answers :
    1) Phan Xi Pang
    2) Vietnam
    3) Nguyen
    4) Hanoi
    5) Ba Na
    6) Ao dai
    7) Because Vietnam was colonized by French
    8) Because the rice wine in Vietnam is infused with a whole snake on it
    9) About $ 2 or $3
    10) Yes

    • Dear Kuswo Intan, absolutely right 🙂
      btw actually you only need to answer 1 of the question, just pick one hehe
      sorry if it was not clear in the instruction

      please PM your address, I will send the card tomorrow.
      Thank you

  2. Mayyyy! Aku sampe bengong baca jurnalmu di readerku. Kalian kemana ajaaaa…? Sehat, kaaann? Aduh, aku bingung mau jawab yg mana, habisan nggak ada yang tahu, hahaha… *jedotin kepala ke bantal* 😆

    • hehehe sehatt Uwaa, aduh salahkan nasib menjadi TKW di negeri orang..riweuhh, alhamdulillah udah mulai bisa bernafas usah dijawab, udah dijawab semua kok haha

      kirim alamat aja, nanti dikirimin kartu pos sama Cici

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