Weekly Photo Challenge : Endurance

“Ke -Chak, Ke-Chak, Chak, rythmically while the dancer beat their chest and clapped their hands. This is Kecak and Fire Dance which was performed without any musical instrument. Only Ke and Chak ! The men sung and dance.

Kecak and Fire Dance

Kecak and Fire Dance

We went to Bali at July 2011 and saw this amazing performance at Uluwatu Temple. The show starts just before the sunset at amphitheatre  performance stage with breathtaking sunset view from Indian Ocean. The story itself taken from the famous epic Hindu story of Ramayana. Rama – Sita – Rhawana – and the white monkey Hanoman. A must see at Uluwatu.

This is my response to The Daily Post Weekly Photo Challenge : Endurance


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